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What Makes Tasting Table Unique?

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2016 12:52PM EDT
We create epicurean recommendations that are authentictrustworthy and actionable.

Authentic: We’re genuinely passionate about the subjects of our articles, and we don’t believe in covering something just because everyone else is. We love the underdog and advocate the unnoticed and under-reported whenever possible.

Trustworthy: We write from personal experience and knowledge, not from press releases. Our editorial team has personally tested every bar, restaurant and other recommendation we publish. Even the recipes we share with readers have been tested in our own Test Kitchen. Learn more about our Editorial Policy here.

Actionable: Ready to dig in? When you like what you’re reading, just click the “KEEP READING” arrow below each article we publish to experience our recommendation yourself: That way, you can book a table, view a menu, purchase a product and more—all with a click.

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