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What is Tasting Table?

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 01:33PM EDT

Tasting Table is a free, daily email publication that delivers the best of food and drink culture to adventurous eaters across the country.

Each weekday we send our members one delicious story about dining out, cooking at home, or cocktails, wines and chefs to know now. We only feed you first-hand recommendations that have been thoroughly tested--one bite at a time--by our editors. (Learn more about our Editorial Policy here.)

Think of Tasting Table as the friend you call to ask, “Where should I eat tonight?” The friend who knows the best spot for $2 tacos, and which $200 tasting menu is worth the splurge. We’re serious eaters who don’t take themselves too seriously—like you.

Take your seat at Tasting Table. Join today for free.

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