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How Do I Suggest a Restaurant for DINE by Tasting Table?

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2016 11:18AM EDT

Currently, the app includes a range of recommendations that were determined using a mix of art and science: Most of the restaurants in the app are included because they are the most popular in each city. Those popular restaurants generally have more than one review from the critical sources that we monitor. They have an above average amount of social media activity (such as check-ins on Facebook or FourSquare, mentions on Twitter, user images on Instagram, etc.).


In addition to the most popular restaurants, Tasting Table's editors may select to include other restaurants that may be more under-the-radar, undiscovered or under-represented. These are added to DINE by Tasting Table solely at our editors' discretion.


Please feel free to email to add your recommendations to our "to be considered" process so that our editors are aware of the restaurant.


Thanks for using DINE by Tasting Table!

Team Tasting Table


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