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Overview of the "Stage" Program

Last Updated: Jul 12, 2013 09:36AM EDT
Tasting Table is not a culinary school (though over a dozen of our teammates have culinary degrees or have worked in restaurants!). Nonetheless, we're happy to borrow a culinary school tradition to support career-building for recent graduates who want an intro to the world of digital food media:

Many professional culinary programs end with a “
stage” (French for “internship”), a working externship at a restaurant where the student-chef gets real-world experience before graduating. The stage is transition period between school and work that helps a student become a working professional with the types of skills that don’t come from books and lectures.

In the same spirit, Tasting Table welcomes junior hires at our firm into a stage-inspired program with a food media twist. Our program is not about learning to cook but, rather, about learning how to be a rockstar-grade professional in the digital media industry. Participants work and learn in a fast-moving environment while being supported by Team Tasting Table: by their line manager, by a mentor from another department and by other TT Stage participants.

If you are hired into a job opening that indicates it is eligible to be part of TT Stage, you will work full-time in one of our departments as a contributing member of that team. But in addition, you will participate in an on-going series of learning and social activities that are designed to increase your skills (and extra-curricular good times) beyond what your TT position alone would afford. Activities vary throughout the year and range from basic business skills (“Becoming a Google Docs ninja” and “Managing Your Overflowing Task List”) to food industry basics (“Understanding the food media landscape” or “How to Order a Decent, Non-Rip-Off Bottle of Wine at a Restaurant”) to Tasting Table-specific training (“How to entertain clients in our Test Kitchen & Dining Room” or “Why There’s No Crying at Tasting Table”). Social outings to editor-recommended bars or restaurants  or other locales are meant to encourage Stage members to develop their office network--and perhaps a few friendships along the way.

It’s not possible to apply directly to TT Stage. Instead, visit for current job openings. Jobs that may qualify to participate in TT Stage are indicated in the job descriptions of relevant roles.


  • The program is intended for recent College graduates or career changers who have raw smarts and enormous ambition but not much digital media experience.
  • The program is on-going and participants join and leave the program on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • The program is guided by a former TT Stage participant who coordinates activities and acts as an ombudsperson for members
  • Each member works in a specific department (Editorial, Advertising Sales, Operations, Consumer Marketing, Production, Communications, Events) and has real responsibilities and deadlines. These are not positions for simps by any means and require intelligence and hard work.
  • All participants work a 40-hour work week in his/her department; TT Stage learning and social activities are supplements to a normal work week
  • Each role hired under the TT Stage program are one-year roles. At the end of the program, qualified applicants are welcome to apply for open positions at Tasting Table. Participation in TT Stage does not guarantee job continuation at the end of the one-year program. Star performers may be invited to take other roles at TT.
  • Feedback and performance evaluation occurs quarterly throughout the program to help participants understand how they can take their game up a few levels

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